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About the Book

When you have a problem to solve or an opportunity to exploit, where do you start? Why do so many start and fail? How can you successfully convert the problems or opportunities into a great product, service or company? Is innovation a game of chance?

Evans Baiya and Ron Price, two of today’s most respected thought leaders in areas of innovation and business strategy, have the answer. After years of working on successful innovations and witnessing many failed ones, they have come to one key conclusion; innovation is not just about the technical and systematic processes that we are taught. In The Innovator’s Advantage they reveal that the way we intertwine people throughout the innovation holds the key for successful innovation. They assert that people are at the center of innovation and then the processes, tools, and systems are wrapped around them. The result of understanding how each individual person influences innovation and having the ability to maximize their output is the big secret to improving innovation track record, creating great products and services that people want to pay and to consume, and creating great organizations that people want to work in and contribute to.

Evans and Ron have created a set of strategic choices around an innovation framework, continuum, and fitness that, when addressed in an integrated way, will improve innovation and move you beyond your competitors. In this book, you will learn;

  • How to identify and deeply understand your problems and opportunities
  • How to effectively generate enough ideas to solve the problem-opportunities
  • How to drive the ideas through each stage of innovation to ensure you have results or impact you are looking for
  • How to identify the unique talent, skills and passion you need at each stage of innovation
  • How to identify and organize individuals at each stage to ensure maximum fulfillment and output

About the Authors

Introducing Ron Price & Evans Baiya, Ph.D.


Ron Price

Ron Price is an internationally recognized business advisor, executive coach, speaker, and author. Known for his creative and systematic thinking, business versatility, and practical optimism, Ron has served in almost every level of executive management over the past 45 years. As the former president of a multimillion-dollar multi-national company, Ron understands the challenges and risks of running a business and building a dynamic team. He works shoulder-to-shoulder with executive leadership teams to bring strategic clarity and transformational results to organizations—especially those dealing with turmoil and transition.


Evans Baiya, PhD

Evans Baiya is a scientist, consultant, author, and a speaker. He works with a number of startups, large global companies, academia, and governments on business strategy, product development, R&D/innovation programs, technology transfer and commercialization. He holds a PhD in engineering and technology development, an MBA, and postgraduate certification in business strategy and intellectual property from Harvard Business School.


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People are at the center of innovation.

This book reveal that the way we intertwine people throughout the innovation holds the key for successful innovation, then use these insights to improve innovation track record, create great products and services that people want to pay and to consume, and create great organizations that people want to work in.

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